Just Released: Colt’s Cross

Book two of the Colt Garrett series

US Secretary of Defense Colt Garrett suspects that a top-secret US special operations base in the Cambodian jungle was attacked by Soviet Speznaz troops following the evacuation from Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. It appears that two servicemen may have been executed after the attack. Colt and a US congresswoman lead a team to Cambodia to excavate the attack scene, interview an eyewitness to the murder, and hopefully find and recover the MIA remains. But an elite Russian special forces team, assisted by a traitor buried deep in the US government, races to prevent Garrett and his team from discovering Russia’s involvement in the war crime, and if necessary, from returning to the US alive. This spy thriller, set in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and on the steamy waters of the Mekong Delta, gives non-stop action and a glimpse into the world of illegal drug trafficking and military espionage.

Colt’s Crisis

Book one of the Colt Garrett series

The Secretary of Defense is dead, and none is more shocked than defense policy undersecretary Colt Garrett when he’s appointed by the President to the second-most powerful job in the world. While onboard USS Ronald Reagan in the Western Pacific, he must find and recover missing biological warheads hidden in South Korea before U.S. efforts to bring peace to the region are derailed. Colt’s son is a Navy pilot onboard the Reagan, and they struggle to repair their severely strained relationship, while Russian agents conspire to assassinate the new SECDEF before he can influence policy against Russian interests. Espionage, politics, betrayal, romance and assassination all while embarked on one of the most powerful ships in the world combine in this military tech thriller.

Meet the Author

Captain Tom Carroll served thirty years combined active duty and reserve service in the United States Navy, specializing in Special Intelligence and Surface Warfare. He owns an information technology firm in Olympia, Washington, where he lives with his wife.

Author’s Thoughts